Micro-moth maps updated

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Dec 112015

About 830 micro-moth maps have been updated. For the first time these include Northern Ireland records to give an all Ireland view of distribution. Click this for the map page or click the map here. This map shows the distribution of Agriphila straminella from the records we have. This species leads the 10km square count, but in reality this moth should have complete coverage but the lack of recording in central Ireland and other areas are the reason for the holes in its distribution.

Please let us know of any errors ie. wrong map, missing species, missing records, erroneous records etc.

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Macro-moth maps updated

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Nov 222015

2107 The macro-moth maps have been updated. These include an updated Northern Ireland dataset and the combined datasets make up in excess of 600,000 records. The maps can be access from here http://www.mothsireland.com/maps-overview/

There are also some special maps

Finally clicking the image here will open an explanation page which gives a brief outline of the numbering or code system and all the other data visible on the maps.


The micro-moth maps are even longer waiting for an update. This will happen before next season and will also have Northern Ireland data included.


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Submitting records with touch screen and mobile theme

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Sep 132015

There is a new form for submitting records which is hopefully touch screen friendly for most of you. It’ll only take one or two records, so trap lists can continue to be entered in form that has been available.

What will hopefully work on touch screen is the auto complete for the species. Enter any part of name, English or scientific, or number old or new and the matching options will decrease as you type.

This has only been tested on my new android phone, so hopefully it’ll work on iphone or older android devices. On my phone the auto complete only works after selecting Desktop which is available by swiping to bottom of page. (see 1st picture)

While I was messing with this, I’ve changed the mobile theme and made the menu more concise by omitting parts of website which are not small friendly.


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Find your Moth

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Jul 162014

We get a lot of identification requests, so to assist you we have a Find your Moth page.

It gives links to Common Moths gallery, day-flying species gallery and caterpillar gallery. Also we’ve launched a keyword filter

It’s not comprehensive but it does cover the moths that make up the bulk of identification requests.

See how you get on and tell us if any of these resources helped you to identify a moth.

And to perhaps help you on your way, here are a couple that are being asked a lot at moment.

Small Magpie

Poplar Hawk-moth

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900 records submitted online

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Jun 252014

This evening, the number of moth records submitted via the on-line form since its launch in late March is more than 900! That’s a fantastic response. Thanks you all. It all helps towards understanding the distribution and abundance of our moths.

The form can be found at this link

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Ask an Expert

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Jun 252014

Have you seen a moth you want identified. You can now use this form to forward photos to us and we will try to name it for you. There is a link to the form in the right sidebar. We will continue to try naming the moths on Facebook, but we are aware that many of you don’t use Facebook. We won’t promise to identify everything, but we’ll do our best. Once you know what the moth(s) is/are then the record(s) can be submitted to the national database via our online form here

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Welcome to the new look

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Mar 152014

It may be a new look, but the atlases remain. 🙂

The new look will include a blog hopefully involving a number of authors. This will showcase the Moths of Ireland and also give a better insight into the activities of moth recording.

Also you’ll see a link above for the image archive. A very exciting venture for us as well.

So as is said watch this space!

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