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1655 Poplar Lutestring Tethea or

Brief Description: A strikingly patterned moth with strong wavy cross lines and well marked apical streak. Background colour varies with wear but fresh specimens have a glossy sheen of yellow and violet.

Confusion Species: Distinctive but familiarity with Common & Satin Lutestring is essential. No other confusion species in the same flight period.

Comments: No recent records up until 2008 when a single was recorded in County Donegal and when a number were recorded in County Kerry where Baynes (1964) states larvae have been recorded. Until 2008, last recorded in Republic of Ireland in Donegal, 1965, but more recently in Fermanagh and Tyrone. Historically also recorded in Wicklow, Galway, Cavan, Mayo and Sligo. The food-plant in the wild is said to be Aspen. It may also be strongly associated with older, mature woodlands.

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