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1738 Common Carpet Epirrhoe alternata

Brief Description: A small black and white, butterfly-like moth, which can be encountered almost anywhere throughout the Irish lowlands. Because it has two generations it can be found almost continuously from May to September. Its larvae feed on common hedgerow and grassland herbs such as cleavers and bedstraws

Confusion Species: Sharp-angled and Galium Carpets resemble the much commoner Common Carpet. Sharp-angled has a distinctly and neatly angular rear projection from the dark cross band and is quite widespread. The latter is best told by its paler hindwing and that it is most likely to be found only in herb-rich grasslands. Wood Carpet has  dubiously  been recorded in Ireland but could occur, if suspected conclusive evidence should be obtained.

Comments: Attracted to light but frequently encountered in the daytime by disturbing vegetation.

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