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1764 Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata

Brief Description: A highly variable butterfly-like moth found in a wide variety of habitats where its larvae will eat a wide range of species, a feature of many of the commoner species. A form, with a brownish roughly formed rectangle in the centre of the forewing is always attributable to this species.

Confusion Species:Dark Marbled Carpet is very similar and mainly occurs in between the two generations of Common Marbled Carpet in July and early August. The best separation character is the well pointed line on the underside of the hindwing of Dark Marbled Carpet although there is also a stronger and more obvious projection on the outer edge of the central cross-band of the forewing. Specimens taken in the "overlap" period should be carefully photographed for confirmation.

Comments: Readily comes to light, often in good numbers.

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