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2012 White Prominent Leucodonta bicoloria

Brief Description: Unmistakable white moth with strong orange/yellow and black motif on forewing. Associated with mature birch woodland.
Confusion Species: Only possible confusion with any other species would be if the moth was extremely worn when it might superficially resemble other hairy white moths.
Comments: Formerly this moth had almost mythical status, with erratic and often poorly substantiated records over the last 150 years. Recorded erratically in County Kerry, mainly from Killarney, between 1858 (not 1859, as often reported) and 1868; 1892; 1912; 1917 and 4 records between 1932 -38. Records were of adults or caterpillars. Seven males taken in 2008 in the vicinity of Caragh lake, County Kerry represent the first records for Ireland (or Britain) in seventy years and the first ever taken at light. In 2009 over 90 individuals were captured including two females and three caterpillars. Most surprising was the extension to the known flight period which is now known to be from early June to late July.

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