Find Your Moth


You have seen a moth and you want to know what it is?

Browse through the Common Moths gallery and/or the Day-flying species, though note, many nocturnal species can be disturbed during the day. For caterpillars have a look here.
Another option is to try the keyword filter, especially if your moth has distinctive features. Many moths need to be added to this section.
Of course at any stage, you are welcome to Ask the Experts
Usually you get an answer within a day or 2 if not much sooner!

When you know what your moth is, then submit the sighting to the national database.

Also is your moth one of the 7 below?

Poplar Hawk-moth

Shaded Broad-bar

Shaded Broad-bar

Small Magpie

Clouded Border

Six-spot Burnet

Large Yellow Underwing













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