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The aim of this gallery is to provide a comprehensive selection of photos of as many of the Irish moth species as possible (photographs uploaded must be of Irish specimens only). Another feature of the gallery is that members can upload photos into their own album for other members to see.

We are inviting anyone who has good quality photographs of species not already illustrated, unusual forms or races of any species or simply a better photograph of species already illustrated to contribute them to the gallery.  All photographs will remain the property of the photographer/owner. The main species gallery will be viewable by the public. Anyone wanting to upload photos must apply for membership.  Please email us at to apply for membership.

 Uploading images

 When your membership has been approved, two albums will be set up in your name – one in the ‘Contributions’ album where you can upload photos for possible use in the main species albums, and one in the ‘Members’ album where you can upload all your own moth photos for other members to view.  Hovering your cursor over your album and clicking on options will give you a number of options, one of which is ‘Add a photo’.  Clicking this will allow you to select photos from your computer to upload.

 Photos should be cropped so that the moth (or larva/pupa/leaf-mine) is large in the frame.  File size should be ideally between 500Kb and 1MB. The title of the photos should be in the format ‘Garden Tiger, Arctia caja, Co Louth’ or without the English name if it’s a micro moth.  The title of each image can be edited after uploading.

 One other requirement is that all photos for inclusion in the main species albums must have been taken in Ireland.


The MothsIreland Gallery should not be used as a permanent storage facility for your images and users should always retain the original image.

 Please see Terms and Conditions of use.

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