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at top of right sidebar
This lists all photos uploaded in reverse order.

One can also filter this to an album for example noctuids

Treeview top menu
Hover on the plus to expand the selection. Thumbnail of the species appears with mouse hover.
Takes a little getting used to with the mouse but this is an excellent way of quickly going through the thumbnails if trying to find ID. This feature was enhanced specifically for the MothsIreland image archive and we are indebted to a guy in Austria for writing the code. I gave him a donation.

All Tags top menu
This lists all the tags, but we have the 3 numbering systems here. The new one is prefixed with abh, bradley and fletcher with bf and european number with k. English names and scientific names and keywords are also present.
At moment not all photos are tagged, so bf2089 (Heart & Dart) doesn’t contain all the photos of this species yet.

Keywords top menu under how to use
This is probably a feature more for beginners and general public in finding ID.
Rare/scarce species are excluded from the months. The colour keywords will be developed next winter.

The keywords are based on album tags and these are not completed, but I expect they will be in a month or so.

The basic search isn’t very useful in trying to find a particular species. It’ll search tags, titles & descriptions.
Large Yellow Underwing will return all photos with any of the 3 words!

To help narrow down search.

Use underscore instead of space. Because our tags have these this will search the tags
Large_yellow_underwing will return the 8 photos with this tag. Large_y will do.

adding + in front of word with space in-between e.g.
+large +yellow +underwing 
This returns photos and albums with all 3 of these words. in tags, titles and descriptions.

At moment one can’t place new number in search as it doesn’t recognise the decimal point/full stop. Neither abh73.342 or 73.342 work.

Navigator right sidebar

The thumbnails that appear here are the photos in the album the main photo is in.
So if you do a search and click on a thumbnail to bring up larger photo, the thumbnails on right are the other photos for that species.

Keyboard shortcuts
left or right arrow to move between photos.
There are also previous and next buttons.
Unfortunately we have not found a way to move easily between albums

Photo sizes
There are 3 sizes available.
Thumbnail, middle and full size. The latter will fit to browser window if too large.
Just click mouse to expand to full size and contract. There’s also a +icon at top of sidebar to do same

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