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July June Medium 15 – 30mm Not Visible August May Crosslines on wings Visible White Brown Large 30 – 45mm Feathered Black Black Spots A Butterfly Darker band across wings A Leaf Yellow Green September April Very Large 45mm+ H-W White H-W Red Grey White Spots Red Red Spots H-W Green H-W Yellow H-W Light H-W Dark October A Stick Small up to 15mm A Bat Lighter band across wings March Eyes on Wings Orange Narrow H-W Orange February Pink November Pink Spots December Rare January Leaf Miner Longer than body New to Ireland

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A Bat
A Butterfly 25 
A Leaf 17 
A Stick
April 14 
August 66 
Black 26 
Black Spots 26 
Brown 40 
Crosslines on wings 56 
Darker band across wings 19 
Eyes on Wings
Feathered 30 
Green 15 
Grey 11 
H-W Dark
H-W Green
H-W Light
H-W Orange
H-W Red 12 
H-W White 13 
H-W Yellow
July 100 
June 98 
Large 30 – 45mm 36 
Leaf Miner
Lighter band across wings

Longer than body
May 59 
Medium 15 – 30mm 77 
New to Ireland
Not Visible 70 
Pink Spots
Red 10 
Red Spots
September 15 
Small up to 15mm
Very Large 45mm+ 14 
Visible 55 
White 42 
White Spots 11 
Yellow 17 
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