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This is a new facility for easier browsing of the distribution maps, especially on smart phones and the like. Most micro moths have no common English name, so they are listed in alphabetical order using scientific names. The lists may take a while to load but once loaded it is usually quite quick to scroll through. Click for a large map.

We’ve tried to make these compatible with as many platforms as our technical knowledge allows. If it’s not working for you, let us know and we’ll see if we can fix it, but bear in mind that a fix for one may be breaking it for others.

ABH refers to a checklist numbering system. A major revision of the checklist which included a new numbering system, reordering and updated taxonomic names was published in 2013. “A checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles” by Agassiz, D.J.L., Beavan, S.D. & Heckford R.J. 2013, often referred to as ABH number. ABH numbers have replaced the Bradley & Fletcher (B & F) numbering system from   “A Recorder’s Log Book or Label List of British Butterflies and Moths” – J.D.Bradley and D.S. Fletcher (1979).

Macro-moth maps updated March 2024

ABH (new numbering)
B & F (old numbering) superseded by ABH numbering

Micro Moth maps updated March 2024

ABH (new numbering)
B & F (Old numbering) superseded by ABH numbering

Special Maps
Species density, records density, recorded 10k squares etc.

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