Ireland Vice-County Map

Below is a map of Ireland showing where the 40 vice-counties are. In the late 1800s, Ireland was divided into 40 regions for biological recording purposes.

While on the whole the Vice-counties boundaries do follow the current counties, there are many exceptions.
In the Botanic Gardens website there is an excellent online reference of how the vice-county system was formulated and detailing these exceptions and how the counties of Kerry, Cork, Tipperary, Galway, Mayo and Donegal are divided.


H1 South Kerry
H2 North Kerry
H3 West Cork
H4 Mid-Cork
H5 East Cork
H6 Waterford
H7 South Tipperary
H8 Limerick
H9 Clare
H10 North Tipperary
H11 Kilkenny
H12 Wexford
H13 Carlow
H14 Laois (Queen's County)
H15 South-east Galway
H16 West Galway
H17 North-east Galway
H18 Offaly (King's County)
H19 Kildare
H20 Wicklow
H21 Dublin
H22 Meath
H23 Westmeath
H24 Longford
H25 Roscommon
H26 East Mayo
H27 West Mayo
H28 Sligo
H29 Leitrim
H30 Cavan
H31 Louth
H32 Monaghan
H33 Fermanagh
H34 East Donegal
H35 West Donegal
H36 Tyrone
H37 Armagh
H38 Down
H39 Antrim
H40 Londonderry

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